Omega replica watches standard (Part One)

Omega replica watches

Omega replica watches

2015 Omega replica watches in Basel von Barcelona launched a new art gallery grand statue Pa Globemaster watch, not only looks classic, is the world’s first to reach the Observatory watches. In this year’s January 12, this watch is officially listed for sale. Not only exceeded the Swiss official Observatory (COSC) to develop standards, but also through the rigorous certification process to detect Swiss Federal Institute of Measurement (METAS) approved.

Respect Pa watch inspired by the early appearance of the constellation series, to reproduce the classic style Omega replica watches history. “Pie pan” dial with triangular groove grooved bezel, both to meet some of the early contact with the Omega watch consumer demand for aesthetic appearance, but also to meet the faithful fans for the Omega classic nostalgic feelings of nostalgia. First COSC certification testing only the bare metal, that is to say the movement is due to take the test to test the hands of the chain, so to remove omega replica watches ebay the automatic movement of the oscillating weight of each movement are fitted with a COSC standard face plate, second hand (large or small second hand second hand) and winding crown.

Throughout the testing process, an electronic camera will record every 24 hours at the location where the second hand (accurate to 1/10 of a second) and with reference to the millisecond Omega replica watches accurate atomic clocks are compared, the camera will shoot twice to verify movement whether to stop the operation, the next movement will be re-winding to an appropriate location and placed in the appropriate temperature into the next 24-hour period. This process will be carried out 16 cycles in a row, so a complete Omega replica watches test comprises a total of 16 cycles, each cycle of 24 hours, there is a predetermined position and five test three test temperatures.

In the first period of 11 years, the movement at a temperature of 23 degrees Celsius for at least five directions each for 48 hours of testing. Instrument readings indicate the accuracy and precision Omega replica watches of movement. If a movement as the day (or slow) 10 seconds it may not be an accurate time table, but if it almost every day (or slow) the same time, that it is highly accurate. Accuracy table easily adjusted too accurate, but if it indicates the presence of a low accuracy of some movement problems, such as the imbalance Omega replica watches of power output, it may be defective gear train. The next three test cycles are measuring the time difference changes at three temperatures (8.23 and 38 ° C).

The last two days, the movement is put back to the initial position and temperature readings were compared with two days ago, showed that the range of movement of the affected properties. In the passed omega replica watches usa 16 cycles of movement is detected, the minimum requirements for the timekeeping errors in average daily -4 / + 6 within (for diameter greater than 20 mm of movement), which comprises a timing device during operation movement which performed. That is, each costing accuracy by detecting the movement to reach 99.99%, only by detecting the movement, will be engraved and obtain COSC certification number issued certificate. And powered by a COSC certification testing by movement of the watch, before being worn can be regarded as absolutely quite accurate Omega replica watches. However, we live in a modern society, the external environment for the accuracy of the impact when the watch go everywhere, in line with a more modern test environment also particularly important, which is based on respect for tyrants watch by COSC certified on the basis of Omega replica watches Swiss Federal Institute of metrology (METAS) approved certification procedures.