Hands-On with the Omega Replica Speedmaster Grey Side of the Moon

Famous as the Omega Replica watch that went to the Moon, the Omega Speedmaster Professional remains part of NASA’s approved equipment for space. The Moonwatch is a no-frills, almost basic wristwatch, powered by the reliable but decades-old Lemania calibre 1872.

The meteorite Cheap Omega Replica Speedmaster is essentially a dressed up version of the ceramic Speedy that made it debut three years ago as the Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon. With almost all the external components made of ceramic – case, bezel, back, dial and even buckle – the DSOTM was an impressive feat of manufacturing technology.

Since then the DSOTM has grown to include white, grey and all the shades in between, somewhat diluting the novelty of the product. The Omega Replica Watches Speedmaster Grey Side of the Moon “Meteorite” brings back a tiny bit of the novelty with a meteorite dial.

Exotic as it sounds meteorite is not a rare material, since thousands of cosmic rocks have fallen to Earth. National Geographic says over 60,000 meteorites have been discovered on the planet, while according to Cornell’s Astronomy Department the mass of sizeable meteorites that Best Omega Replica hit Earth each year is in the thousands of kilograms – that’s several tonnes a year.

Aside from the dial, the Grey Side of the Moon “Meteorite” is identical to the various “Sides of the Moon” Speedmasters. The Omega Replica Watches Online case is ceramic and 44.24mm in diameter, big enough it won’t be missed on the wrist.

The sapphire crystal on the meteorite Omega Speedmaster Replica is a bit more elaborate than usual, with a “box-shape” form. Essentially a dome with a flat top and an angled edge, the box-shape sapphire crystal was historically found only on higher end timepieces or most notably, Grand Seiko, given the extra cost to produce, compared to a flat crystal.