Omega Speedmaster Replica Watches Hands-On

Omega has released a series of Speedmaster moon watches, this is a complex thing, the watch’s unique history of appreciation, like NASA shot the same as the moon. Last year, Omega announced the “Moon Star” series of “dark night”, but this year they also want to show off the legendary history, but also show their new METAS certified 9904/9905 movement, built Omega Speedmaster Replica Watches.

In order to meet the Speedmaster fans, and with the brand and the new version of the convergence, Omega also provides a variety of versions of the Cheap Replica Watches. First, made of stainless steel, blue liquid metal dial and blue crocodile leather strap or steel bracelet. Followed by Sedn a golden version with black crocodile leather strap. The third is rare gold, but with a green liquid metal bezel.

Finally, there is a limited edition platinum version, with a cool red liquid metal bezel. In addition, the Platinum Edition also includes a small magnifying glass at the date of the hand semicircle, which helps to see the date more clearly. Omega Replica Watches said that this little supplement is not so easy to achieve, at least now, it’s just on the platinum version.

Omega Replica Watches all shared a new movement 9904/9905 movement, which is a METAS certified main schedule, which means that strict anti-magnetic performance and performance standards exceed the industry standard COSC certification. This is consistent with Omega’s commitment, even if all of their watches are METAS certified, while all their collections are transferred to the anti-magnetic. This is done primarily by using proprietary non-magnetic alloys to complete all parts of the watch and movement as well as the use of the silicon escapement.

The movement consists of 368 parts and 54 jewelry. Automatic movement of the frequency of 28,800 vph, to help provide a 60-hour power storage space Replica Watches Speed ​​Chronograph Chronograph. As we mentioned earlier, it is 15000 gaussian of the magnetic resistance. This movement also has Omega silicon Si14 balance spring and free spring balance. By the way, when you see a 9905 sport, it means that the balance wheel on the rotor and the bridge is made of Sedna gold. In 9904, these are rhodium-plated. Both are made of Geneva waves of Arabic and black screws, rollers and balance wheels.

Nevertheless, the best aspect of the moon phase boat in the Omega Speedmaster Replica Watches is the reality of our recent neighbor’s photo, and Buzz Aldrin is a cool place in the first place where man first landed And whimsical poetic subtle additions on the moon. Of course, it takes a magnifying glass to make up for this footprint, but if you are a watch, you may have one of many brands of magnifying glass, including from Omega, or more advanced magnifying glass, such as a magnifying glass system.

Omega Speedmaster Chronograph Watch watch watch length 44.25 mm, 18.80 cm high, waterproof performance of 100M. The size is definitely on the big side, but in a smaller case, this will happen and it will seem very busy. Look at the models on the dial, each thing has enough breathing space between, looks very complicated, delicate, did not see the packaging.

Omega Speedmaster, Seamaster Limited Edition Replica Watches

Omega is celebrating Speedmaster Replica Watches, the 60th anniversary of the Seamaster 300, and a few of the favorite collectors’ favorite Railmaster watches, which they call “Omega 1957 Trilogy”. For the original design, these copies are still true, but through the METAS-approved master timers and host’s main chronograph. However, Speedmaster still retains the iconic manual wind 1861 movement associated with the “lunar table”. Of course, all three will be limited edition, with 3,557 watches per trumpet, 557 pieces of trilogy, including all three watches.

All Omega Seamaster Replica Watches will be the “tropical” dial features, retro Omega watches like this watch, and even every refraction of the retro logo – nodded, the 1950s, the supplier of everyone has their own Omega logo. Each case is made of brushed and polished stainless steel, and its design allows Omega to renew the strength and match the distinctive design of the buckle and retro logo. I think the retro style LumiNova index is a cool feeling – but I can see some lovers think it will take some of the Cheap Replica Watches “feel”, these watches have many of their predecessors qualities.

Although Omega Speedmaster is the most well-known example of “Broad Arrow”, all three models will use this style; one I like the move. This is a less subtle old-fashioned nod, is already a symbol of the clock, I think it gives a collection of originality and character, tend to spot in the spotlight repeated the same eyes. Omega Replica Watches Track 60th Anniversary Edition The timetable will measure 38mm wide coverage of all design elements for the 1957 model and add Super LumiNova to the contemporary buyer’s standard. For those who are looking for an exact copy, this may “disrupt the feeling”, but Omega decided to join a modern movement, this movement 8806 magnetic resistance of up to 15,000 gauss, since the use of METAS has been Cheap Omega Replica The main movement certification. The campaign runs for 25,600vph and has 55 hours of power storage.

As mentioned earlier, each piece of work can be purchased on their own, you can choose to buy the entire “trilogy” as a set. The buyer who selected the package will receive a package from the original presentation in 1957. This includes the iconic red corduroy lining and the retro hippocampus logo on the top of the lid, as well as two replacement belts – leather and NATO – except for smaller watches for each Replica Watches. Often when we see a retro style rerelease will be a choir “why they change? So the Omega is bound to make the history of accurate lovers a little happy about this copy.