Omega Speedmaster Racing Co-Axial Master Chronometer Replica Watches Hands-On

Our meeting with the brand is … overwhelming at least say. The most important thing for me is that their new watches are very nice and offer interesting new changes or improvements for the existing classics. 2017 is the 60th anniversary of Omega Speedmaster Replica Watches, debut in 1957, the program is expected to see some new models, including this year there are 10 different models of Omega Speeds Coach Timing.

The Speedmaster racing car focuses on the starting point of the Speedmaster, which really replaces the Cheap Omega Replica chronograph that has now been discontinued. The latter model is really a modern era of Speedmaster in a larger 44.25mm wide case, five years ago debut because it contains an impressive interior-made Omega 9300 automatic movement.

Since the 9300 movement was originally released, Omega Replica has launched a coaxial main timer standard, which includes the name of the movement containing two anti-magnetic parts and passed the METAS certification. Thus, the movement 9900 is the modern coaxial main chronograph version of the old, now stopped caliber 9300.

Through the now more rounded sapphire crystal bottom cover can see 9900 series automatic movement. It runs at 4Hz, which is more than the previous coaxial escapement of the Omega Replica Watches movement 3.5Hz. The escapement uses a silicon balance spring with a 60 hour power reserve between the two main barrels. The movement has a secondary dial for the time, and a full 12 hour chronograph, the timer minute and hour counter are on the same subcard. Its date at 6 o’clock. The movement is certified by METAS and COSC Chronometer, even if the previous certification makes the latter more or less redundant.

The 2017 Cheap Omega Speedmaster Replica racing coaxial master timing replaces it with the Speedmaster coaxial chronograph. The “Rake Inspector” shape around the dial, the use of bright, orange places on some models is the source of the “racing” part of the name. This is another attempt by Omega to focus on the history of Speedmaster’s car elements, not Speedmaster’s “Moon Table” elements.

Although this shape is still 44.25mm large size of the outstanding Speemaster coaxial chronograph model, but after several refinements, it is more comfortable to wear. On the one hand, this situation is 0.8mm thinner – mostly due to the relatively large curvature of the back sapphire crystal. You can also use the new endpoints of the bracelet, which, on the other hand, makes the Cheap Replica Watches more comfortable when worn. As I said, the change in case shape is subtle, but the Omega Speedmaster Racing Co-Axial Master Chronometer is more comfortable than the other 44.25mm wide Speedmaster models.

Dial and bezel can be found on more design details. The small plate is a bit big, this is a good thing; the odor-filled application hour mark now has a slightly tapered end; the date window is neat, tapering; and the border uses interesting new production techniques. It is the best look at the modern super, combined with handsome, comfortable appearance and stellar technology inside and outside.

This “large” Omega Speedmaster racing coaxial main chronograph watch refresh design so that it can be like all the Speedmaster now suitable for wearing. Case polishing and finishing looks good, I can easily say that Replica Watches really is the best to extract the best products. Yes, some designs may miss this mark, but in most cases, all of their core products seem to be moving in the right direction. Of course, the drawback is that with a few years of change and the introduction of new models, from the available options to choose an Omega is a bit overwhelming.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Big Blue Ceramic GMT Replica Watches Hands-On

Omega Seamaster Replica Watches may have one of the most descriptive product names – it is a very large, very blue planet of the planet. And, in fact, it is quite expensive. If you can use these big, blue, beautiful, and expensive things later this year, let’s see where your money is.

Due to the lack of a better metaphor, I like to watch the Omega Ocean Planet Ocean Blue as a fully prescribed Audi or BMW – it is based on a range where you can enter a lower price point, Replica Watches but this particular specimen inside and outside Have the latest technology. Although its $ 100,000 price point is a very clear reflection of some tough competition from various occasions, but there is plenty of time for me to think about seafarers as soon as possible blue.

For me, from the 2017 “Basel New World” accordionist, the main takeaway information I got from this Cheap Replica Watches was “I had to see this blue ceramic show in the real world” because I Wearing a ceramic watch before, this Big Blue watch is how the daily work, I want to see for myself. How interesting, comfortable, quality infiltration and versatility, which is medium and long term, we will only know when Cheap Omega Replica began to launch. However, now, we will start from the outside, from which to understand our way to understand the Omega in the case and sports manufacturing can provide the latest and greatest progress.

The most important thing to clarify the Omega Hippocampus Sapphire GMT is how it looks in the image and is somewhat discordant to the real world – you just need to lift it from the dial and see what I’m going to say Because of the blue, especially the saturated dark blue, Omega Replica we almost do not see the quality, durable material, when you see it alone in the image, I find myself easy to get it with a plasticky look and “feel” You really can not draw the conclusion from the image.

Omega made a very cool thing that brought a five pieces of puzzles to show how to make a case from a solid ceramic piece made, as well as some other bezel and back pieces of production. Unlike Chanel J12 and almost all other ceramic watches, Omega Replica Watches ceramic watches do not use steel cores, thin and relatively brittle ceramic layers wrapped around them. On the contrary, this situation is solid ceramic through and through.

At this point, it has been greatly reduced to the size you see in the lower left corner of the figure above. Please note that before the end of this process, the blue has become dark blue, indicating that the Cheap Replica Watches material itself is colored throughout the depth. Here, we should note that color ceramics in the tabulation is extremely rare.

All this all noticed that the real super impressive was that Omega could finish five times more harder than steel, and the surface treatment, the results of the stainless steel are very different. What we saw above is the last example on the left side before the completion of the operation, and the right is the finished product ready to be assembled.

Cheap Omega Seamaster Replica Watches In Sedna Gold Or Stainless Steel

Cheap Replica Watches This year is the Omega hippocampus Edizione Venezia, this is a stylish retro style Seamaster, elegant and elegant 39.5 mm shell, made by Omega exclusive 18k Sedna gold or …, yes, stainless steel.

In personal notes, the 40mm wide De VilleTrésor may be my favorite modern Omega: it’s classical, restrained and underexposed, but its curved case and dial, which is a very interesting dress. In addition, its spindle coaxial timer movement provides all the good stuff Replica Watches can engineer today’s movement … then what is Trésor’s thing? It can not be used for steel, but completely in – very expensive – different types of gold.

This led to the Omega Seafarer Edizione Venezia, a new Cheap Omega Replica Seamaster, which uses a classic 39.5mm shell, METAS certified spindle coaxial chronograph movement, provides a very beautiful and limited shape, and refreshing It’s already in Sedna gold and steel. And if you have not guessed, of course there is a story to go with it.

Omega said the idea of ​​the hippocampus hippocampus came from one of the designers of Omega Replica and visited Venice and saw the gondola with this fascinating animal – he liked the possible connection with it and the seafarers, since 1957, the hippocampus The logo has been with this collection.

Although the self-proclaimed Omega historian will know from the middle of the twentieth century several old-fashioned seafarers, but I think most Omega fans and buyers today think that when they hear a retro dress, they hear Seamaster this word. However, this new product in 2017 shares many design elements with Omega Replica Watches old design elements to remind everyone that Seamaster is not always about chunks, sports and colorful. It shows that if you think of it, not only is Omega itself a very versatile and complex brand, but even though its collection is sometimes possible in one place.

While you can think about another 60th anniversary tribute, but I think the new Omega Hippocampus Edizione Venezia should really only one actually is: a repeating retro style, retro dress Cheap Replica Watches, which is stable from Omega for some time The Globemaster uses steel structure, but is more modern in design, even if it is not without its own retro detail.

Omega Seamaster Replica Watches has a dome, silver, gray dial, application indicator, Omega logo and text, as well as a pair of thin polished leaves hand, all of which are 18k Sedna gold two models. Visibility, because the dial looks more satin than the luster, it should be good – to see this work is shiny dial and shiny, thin hands of the terrible combination of the destruction of the destruction, it will be sad of. Like it or hate it, there is a tiny date aperture six, keep the symmetry of the dial.

The laser engraved sapphire case is exposed to the Replica watches, an automatic coaxial motion with METAS approved quality control and anti-magnetic resistance of 15,000 gauss. The golden version will be equipped with an 18k Sedna gold balance bridge and swing weight. Power reserve is 55 hours, taking into account the relatively small size of the case, so the movement is good.